An Ode to Ferdi The Dog

4th Jan 2013 · · Link ·

Poor of Ferdi passed away today, our family dog. I had affectionately christened him Ferdenturdunburgler (for no reason other than amusement).

And whilst our children were a bit younger I used to read them this inspired by the Ferdenturdunburgler. (It does sort of rhyme when I read it :)


The ferdunburlger is swift and fast,
he prounces around your garden's tract.

He lies in wait until you sleep
for his intents darkly deep.

Only when are you fast in dream,
does the ferdunburlger bring his team.

Of Ferds and Burgs and sometimes Fluuuug's,
He creeps into your house and looms.

He makes it through the back door,
then into the kitchen and into the hall.

Forever moving he makes his way,
right up the stairs in a most mischievous sway.

And finally, finally he crosses right over
to the bedroom door of which he encrover

But you don't have to fear, not one little jot,
For all he is doing is bring his lot.

Of sleep and crusts unto your eyes,
for he is the keeper of dreaming cries.

He pokes them and pushes them,
whilst your in your main rem.

Until you awake and they appear at your peril,
for crusties and sleep can feel like the devil.

But although this tale does seem dark and strange,
the role is actually a far much better exchange.

As sleep and crusties actually save you in the end,
For without them your eyes may go right round the bend.

They save you, they do, and from something more worse,
For their is a tale of something much worse.

The tale of the Eyrenproug, the 'oribble beast.
They do something worse, the worst of at least.

Is feasting upon what is yours and not theirs,
for they are born without any eye hairs.

The come in at night and try as they might,
they try to steal the hairs above your sight.

But what can stop I think you may know,
comes to the Eyrenproug as a terrible blow.

The Sleep, The Crusties at the corner of the eye,
makes the Eyrenproug's senses go all awry.

For they hate to look or even to feel,
what is put by the Ferdunburlger it makes them squeal.

So next time you see, or even do hear,
of a Ferdunburlger please remember to cheer.

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