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I needed somewhere to put my thoughts and projects, and this blog gave me the opportunity to do just that.

I experiment with websites coding, in that I try out new ideas and techniques as well as a way of downloading screensavers for the Mac.

Why Opanoid

An Opanoid is a fictional/mythical/factual creature that existed before the time of the dinosaurs. Different sizes (from nano to giant building sizes) existed in the form of a diamond type shape.

Opanoid contribution to the earth was purely for creating oxygenated atmosphere's to allow breathable creatures to exist after their existance ceased. They in essence never moved.

One such theory is the many Opanoid's where in fact cocoons for other creatures. These other creatures are theorised to have been Schlotts that upon the demise of the Opanoid's the Schlotts then broke forth and ruled the world, little is known about their existance other than it was of great importance to the next step in the ladder for the Earth. In theory bringing forth rich and fruitful landscapes from what they created.

The Opanoid's ultimately led (via secondary spawns such as Schlotts) to the dinosaur era.


Of course this is all a load of hogwash.

I was given a project of creating a 'belief' by a lecture and created this as an amusing and entertaining way of putting forward an entirely pointless theory.


Problem is this backfired on me as I was marked very badly for not only putting forward my beliefs but when I pointed out it was in jest and to make a point marked down for be-littleing religious beliefs.


You just can't win.

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