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Opanoid - Description

An Opanoid is a fictional/mythical/factual creature that existed before the time of the dinosaurs. Different sizes (from nano to giant building sizes) existed in the form of a diamond type shape.

Opanoid contribution to the earth was purely for creating oxygenated atmosphere's to allow breathable creatures to exist after their existance ceased. They in essence never moved.
Once such theory is the many Opanoid's where in fact cocoons for other creatures.
The Opanoid's ultimately led to the dinosaur era.

Opanoid - This Blog

Had to call it something, Opanoid seemed to be as pointless an existance as anything else I could think of, hence the name.
This blog is also custom written for this site, it does not use a pre-existing blog (such that is available on the web) all software is written specifically for this site (so if it goes wrong, it's our fault unfortunately).
The site did originally use a mysql database, however the hosting company had such terrible problems with it I decided to do away with the database (it would fail 50% of the time) and do it my way, text based. All seems to work smoother now.

The experiment I ran has come to an end, and overall MySQL has won. Mainly the site ran fine (in fact fantastic under quite a large load) but the MySQL version allows me to update it easier from different locations. I learned quite a bit from my version and the new site is a hybrid of both (although the MySQL side of things has allowed me to reduce my code at the cost that if the database goes down, the site goes down).

Future will tell :)

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