Halloween Games for those with kids.

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What’s In the Box
Decorate shoe boxes and cut a hole large enough for a hand to get thru in the top. Mark the boxes with "what is inside" and place certain objects inside that will feel like the objects marked on the box.
• Eyeballs - Peeled grapes.
• Guts - Oiled spaghetti. (vegatable oil)
• Skin - Oiled soft flour tortilla. (vegatable oil)
• Teeth - Unpopped popcorn.

Bat Count
Cut many bats out of black construction paper. Make them different sizes. Stick them around the party area including the way into the party and the way to any other rooms that will be open. Write down the number of bats on a piece of paper and hide. Place paper and pencils out with the title Name and Number of Bats at the top. The person who is the closest to the number with out going over wins.

Pin The Wart on the Witch
Similar to Pin the tail on the Donkey, instead of a tail use gum as the wart! Draw a witch's face on a piece of poster board. Blindfold each child as his/her turn arrives, spin, point in the right direction. The closest piece of gum to the wart on the witches face wins.

Halloween Candy Hunt
Like an Easter egg hunt: Buy plastic eggs and paint them in halloween colors. put candy in them. then hide them. The prize can be the candy inside or some of the eggs can contain notification of winning a small prize or party favor.

The Hanging Tree
Supplies - 13 Apples (12 red and one green) you will need extras, String, Blindfold, and a tree branch. Tie each of the apples to a tree so they can swing freely. To keep observant kids from memorizing where the green apple is just loosely tie the strings together.

Take a child and tell them to close their eyes and make a wish. As they do you blindfold them. Once blindfolded you spin them around and say this rhyme with them.

13 Apples hanging from a tree,
12 dark red and one bright green
blindfolded, spun around, and then set free
Is that green one meant for me?

You then release the apples and point the child in the right direction. They then will stumble about and pick an apple. If they get the green one their wish will come true! Before the next child goes, replace the apple and move the green one. (I am planning on letting each kid keep the apple they pick). If you want you can place a tag with a number on each apple, then each number will correspond to small gift or prize.

Guess The Ghost
Have one child leave the room. Then take a large sheet and have a different (child) stand and hide under the sheet. Mix up the remaining children in the room and then allow the child who left the room to come back inside. That child has to guess who's the ghost, by process of elimination they need to figure out which child is hiding under the sheet. Then that "Ghost" goes out of the room and a different child becomes the new ghost, mix up the remaining children and repeat until all of the children have had a turn being the ghost.

Witch Hunt Game
Cut out paper witch hats. Whatever number you think would suit the number of people at the party. Color two hats a different color from the rest. Hide all the witch hats throughout the house (area where you would be doing this game). Send the kids to find all the hats. The kids who find the different colored hats get the biggest prize and the two who got the most hats collected get the next biggest prize. Have extra prizes in case of ties. Also, you might want some small prizes for the people who didn't get a prize.

Iced Hands
Fill some gloves up with water and put them in the freezer. As soon as the gloves are frozen, cut the rubber off. Then you put the iced hands in your bowls of punch , the effect is absolutely great and spookey.

The Sweet Ring Toss Game
1.Three rings (at least 6 inches in diameter) -- these can be made out of cardboard, wooden craft rings, needlepoint rings or rings cut from coffee can lids. 2. Individually-wrapped candy and/or novelty toys 3. A plastic/vinyl table cloth (Halloween or fall colors are nice) or a
What to do: Spread candy and toys on the table cloth on the floor. Have children take turns tossing the rings (each may have three tries) on the cloth. They "win" anything that is within the ring. You can make this game harder or easier by having children stand farther or closer
to the sheet with candy.

Spider Web
Gather all the children round in a large circle and give them all a ball of wool each. Try to use different coloured wool as this makes a much more interesting web. Get each child to tie the end of the wool loosely around their waist. When everyone is done, each person throws their ball of wool to anyone else in the circle, preferably all at the same time. They then put the wool around their waist and throw it to someone else. This carries on until you run out of wool. To add a little spice, they can wrap the wool around legs, arms, etc. At the end what they have created is a massive multi coloured spiders web which they can't get out of very easily. Hours of fun and entertainment and if you're really lucky they will spend the next hour trying to free themselves!

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Halloween Games for those with kids.
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