Wed 5th Dec 2007

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Starting off a bit geeky this week with the Greatest Video Game Intro's of all Time

Watching the Star Wars movies on tv the other day someone asked me a question about the Jedi. Later that night I found myself looking more into it, if you have a spare half an hour (or just bored at work) it's worth a read, quite a bit you will know already, but there is also some history in as well.
Jedi on Wikipedia

The awesomeness of Formula 1 Cars (back in the day). Possibly one of the most series tests I have ever seen, Top Gear does at least make things fun nowadays!
Also took me ages to find this with Chinese subtitles for our Chinese audience ;)

Been doing some photography lately, and this article caught my eye. Some very very nice shots.

Finally I just hope w00t doesn't win!


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Wed 5th Dec 2007
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