Wednesday 12th December 2007

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Brought to you this week by my half arsed attempt at making this site more festive.

Schumacher takes over taxi. Thank god that hasn't happened in this country. If Coultard did it he would have missed his flight.

Believe it or not Microsoft are giving away free copies of (get this) Vista, Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007, Microsoft Money Plus Premium, Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008, or Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008.
But there is a catch, they want to monitor everything you do.

Got a little quiz for you to try out this week.
Fact or Crap, best-name-ever for a quiz. 69% for me :)

This one comes with a warning, if you are squimish, don't look at this: 7 Unbelievable Genetic Accidents, you have been warned (just not very well).

And as I pointed out earlier I just didn't want this one to win, but it did.

wo-and indead-ot, dammit.

Oh late addition:

For Andy :)

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Wednesday 12th December 2007
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