Friday 14th December 2008

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Firstly something quite cute, go on son, give 'em the evil look:

Seems that Mclaren are totally guilty afterall (I renew my hatred for Ron Dennis).

IF your quick (I really do not know how long it will last) the DivX Pro download is free for Christmas.
If you don't know what this is it's for viewing movies on your PC (ie downloaded ones for example).

Couple of games this week, first one is Tetrical which is frankly hard, Tetris in 3D space, alternatively there is Cubical which is the same but easier shapes.
And just for those that hate tetris (yes apparently there are) this is just so amusing, Stick Man Tennis

Celebrity Plastic SUrgery, After and Before picks (yes I know they have it in the wrong order).
Carrot Top is always a wierd one, but look out for the last one. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Anyone know who the 4th from bottom is?

And finally am I the only person in the world who didn't realise Jodie Foster is gay? Also did you realise that Doogie House MD (Neil Patrick Harris) was gay, I didn't.
And yes, I seem to have discovered Wikipedia :) and like Internet Movie Database (which is great for solving movie disputes) it should come with a warning "YOU WILL LOSE HOURS OF YOUR LIFE ON THIS SITE".

Have a good weekend all, but think about this, if you are a kamikaze pilot would you have a wash in the morning your due to go out?

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Friday 14th December 2008
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