You Made My List 15th January 2008

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Those that know me will know that if I am 'wronged' by something then it sticks with me for ever.
In effect it makes my list.
Here are current things that have made my list which will be updated on a running basis, there is no order or prejudice, I hate everything here as equal as the other.

1. Ebay Purchase Idiot (name now removed)

This friggin idiot bought something off me on Ebay and sent a ECheque. It wouldn't clear until December 24th, of which I informed him nothing would be sent out for at least 5 days after that.

Boxing day I get a dispute warning from Paypal for non receipt of goods. So I gave him his money back (with a scathing note) and removed his purchase.

UPDATE: I really can't believe it but this guy has just left me a fantastic feedback, even though he received nothing, so I have removed the reference to his ebay user id

2. Harry Ramsdens Restaurant, not take out

This was really annoying at the time, but doesn't affect me so much now, but it still really annoys me.
They refused to heat up our baby food for the nipper when in there eating due to there Microwaves being 'Industrial'.
So rather than have our (then screaming) child go hungry while we eat my wife left the restaurant and went to cafe where they heated it up and we returned.

Fair enough, some companies are 'worried' about heating things due to the sueing culture of the US, but the attitude was horrendous. They pretty much just said no, not allowed to and walked away, no real explanation (we had to flag someone else down and get an explanation).

As a result of this I will never go into the restaurant part again (and to be honest the take out price has gone up so high I give that a miss too!)
Not sure what is with the web address for them either, but thats the one I found!

3. Spar (supermarket)

For some reason they employ staff who are miserable, and only like older people. If your below 25 then they would rather spit on you than serve you (and leave you to pack your things away while staring with a long line of people waiting to get served, rather than help you). Bastards.

4. Lolly Pop Ladies/Gentlemen/Persons

For god sake, I know your trying to get people across the road. But


It doesn't give the traffic enough time to move on if you stop it every car. Use your brain and let about 4-5 cars past before allowing people to cross again (that will mean people are waiting an extra 20 seconds, I think they can take it).

I think an exam should be sat before your allowed to become a Lolly Pop person. Another good point raised here.

5. Boing Boing

Don't get me wrong, they have very nice articles on Boing Boing, but they are soooo biased. And most of the time they seem to post articles that are submitted without really giving a balanced view. Ok ok I know most of the internet does that but Boing Boing is very popular so I think should give both sides.

Oh and if you disagree with the article in the comments (because the only reason they have comments is for the 'Me Too' culture) then prepared not to have it posted.
That and the fact they are so far up there own arses (have you seen the video pod cast!).

6. Ron Dennis

Do I really need to give a reason, oh ok then.
Other than the fact he lied about the Formula 1 Scandals its the fact that after every race he used to moan and winge about losing the race being everyone's fault apart from his teams and his. That and he seems like a miserable git.

7. Misrepresentative [News] Titles

This is where something juicy appears as a news title like "Rocket blows up at Masters", referring to Ronnie O'Sullivan losing in the first round Masters match. Now it makes it look like he goes nuts and walks off (again) but he doesn't, he just misses a blue at the end and loses the frame so doesn't go through, that's it. BUT, because he has a reputation for blowing up in the past the pull you in on that. And I hate it.
I know why they do it, but I still hate it, I think it's petty journalism, let the article, or whatever, stand on it's own and let me make the decision, don't draw me in with something that is not representative.

8. Nintendo's Stars to Points system

You register your Wii/Nintendo games and get Stars (I got 2500 for that), then you can click to convert your stars to points to use on the Wii to download older games.
Think is the stars to points cards are only available 'sometimes' and even when available the purchase doesn't work.

Very very annoying.

9. Estate Agents/The last person who lived in our house

Firstly estate agents for selling us the house, and secondly the dickhead who lived there who did such a shoddy job in the entire house we are still (almost 2 years later) finding things that scare the hell out of us.
Only yesterday we removed a board covering up the underside of the stairs (to make a storage cupboard) only to find a wire sticking up that was live. not only that but whilst having the bathroom re-done we were fitting a light fitting, which under new regulations has to have a dome over the fixtures to stop any heat spreading causing problems in the ceiling.

On taking down the previous light we noticed he had put a plant pot over the fixtures in the ceiling. Idiot.

I just wish I could bump into him one day I really do (although my wife would have to point him out as I'm not very good with faces).

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