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23rd Jan 2008 · · Link ·

Bloody colds, got another one, and this one really is a nasty little bastard, random throwing up, runny nose, killer sore throat, sore chest, aching bones.

In fact, it's the Norovirus, which is not good at all (yes, keep away).

Anymore, more important things!

As of now (11:45 23rd January 2008) my idea of 'What Sucks Most of All' is top of the's list :)
Ever get the feeling I'm going to get scientologied (think that's a new word).

Jedi Church anyone (only in Wales), I'd join, but I'd have to be on the dark "cooler" side :)

Today's game is very simple to learn and do, but quite difficult to master (unless your a super genius).

Wonder what the Americans will make of Dr House now.

Quick note on the passing of Heath Ledge, Looks good as the Joker in the new Batman movie so a sad loss (never saw Brokeback Mountain, everyone said is was very good and worth the watch, but to be honest not all that keen).

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cough, wednesday, splutter, list, sneeze
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