The Friday after Valentine 2008

15th Feb 2008 · · Link ·

Get settled in, put big light on and walm yourself a nice cuppa tea:-

Always good for a laugh Penn and Teller, but this really is amazing.
They do the ball and cup trick, fair enough, they then show you how's it's done with clear cups.
The showing is even more impressive than the original trick as they comment on everything (very very fast) and the slight of hand is so impressive you still have to sometimes think how it was done.

Penn & Teller Explain Cups & Balls
Watch more DIY videos on

Well Valentine's day has come and gone, did you get a card, no, well go on then, Schlotts Opanoid to the rescue, happy Valentine.

In formula 1 news it looks like I no longer have to watch any of the races as Ferrari has it in the bag. Idiot.
Also in F1 Rob Dennis has separated from his Wife, personally I'm not that keen on Ron Dennis (shouts of really from the back) but to potentially break up a marriage is sad.
At least we now know why he didn't quite McLaren when all the trouble was around. He had nothing else to go home too.

For those interested in my weight loss program it's turned into slow progress. Managed to keep the stone I lost in January off and very slowly losing weight on a 5 day basis (very slowly) which is what I expected as my running increases and I start to swap fat for muscle.
As a result of this I have changed my training plan to more resistance training* so as to burn the fat but not increase the muscle. Start trying that this week and it seems to be working well.
To be honest I'm pleased was getting pretty annoyed at running lots but not losing any more weight (still not had a drink either, woot).

Ah, The Ting Tings - Great DJ
The Drums, the drums, the drums the drums the drums......

* Resistance Training
Running like a mad man for 2 minutes, then walking (briskly, just a touch slower than jogging) for 2 minutes then repeat for 40 minutes.
The running is also at an include of 6.

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The Friday after Valentine 2008
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