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Since cutting back entirely on the drinking I've had many comments of 'good for you', 'well done' generally coming from people holding an alcoholic beverage of some kind.

Whilst my own reasons for cutting back the alcohol are personal I have often wondered what the limits for alcohol actually are. With so called 'binge drinking' happening I also wanted to know what consitutes binge drinking, what are the affects of not drinking all night and then drinking Friday and Saturday night until you collapse.

WARNING: I Do not condone these actions, merely asking the questions.

Alcohol Units

Firstly, Alcohol Units and Driving. I think it's better not to have anything whilst driving at all, however I am aware that many people will have a pint then move over to being Orange Juice Man for the rest of the night.

Drinking quickly or adding a fizzy mixer (Alcopops!) will cause absorption to be more rapid.
Your liver cleanses your body of alchohol as blood flows through at a very slow rate. Roughly 10ml of alcohol per hour is cleansed. 1 Pint will take two hours to be cleansed from your body.
Here is a rough guide:

Generally it is reported that 2 pints of normal strength lager is the legal limit. However as it's difficult to know how much has been eaten and the body mass of the subject and as such it is better to keep this down to 1 pint of normal strength lager (fines and bans are now quite hefty!)

What Does alcohol actually do?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, depending on how much has been eaten and how hydrated a person is depends on the effects of alcohol.
Hydration for example is the general cause of hangovers.
De-Hydration happens when large quantities of alcohol cause the liver to not be able to reasbsorb as much water causing more urine to be passed leading to overall dehydration.
After excessive drinking the affects are generall as follows:

* May not actually be true.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Any two of the following from between 2 hours and a few days means you are suffereing alcohol withdrawal:

Myths with Alcohol

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