F1 Practice Session on itv-f1.com

14th Mar 2008 · · Link ·

Bit late now (it's on now for example!!!) but ITV shows the practice sessions on Friday live on the web.

It can be found here at www.itv-f1.com.

Just access it and leave it, it takes a while to get (in fact it took just under 5 minutes of which I had forgotten about it and the noise of a F1 car all of a sudden coming from another tab in my browser scared the hell out of me).

Actually it works well, no commentary or anything just raw footage (which also shows them in the pits talking (can hardly make them out over car noise) and see them tinkering with computers whilst sat in the car.
Watched enough to see Alonso mess up a lap :)
Alonso messes up

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F1 Practice Session on itv-f1.com
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