Moseley Orgy List Friday

4th Apr 2008 · · Link ·

Ok, this is for the total F^#&wit that tried to drive me off the road in his beaten up Ford Escort, maybe someone will recognise this number plate and tell him. You looked so happy with yourself until you realised I was following you (actually I wasn't it just so happened he was going the same way I was) then you panicked and quickly did a U-Turn and sped off, wuss. Anyhoo:

Ok, now that's out the way how about the best dog photo ever, in Mid Shake.
Found this via, and one of the comments for this photo said "Glad you like it, but that's my dog and he isn't shaking". lol

Hellboy II anyone? and anyone else read that they are remaking Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. I fail to see how you can improve on perfection myself.

Aint it cool news has an article listing of when new series are coming back on TV (US), see if your favorite is listed and rejoice.

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