Wednesday 9th April List

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I'm not linking directly to it, but the news is that the courts have ruled against Moseley so the News of the World has put the video back up. Just in case anyone didn't notice, i'm not a big fan of Moseley.

Ok couple of Quick Links: Mario in 16KB Javascript | Spring Break Competition | Odds of Dying | How does deja-vu work

Best game ever. This is from the newsletter, of which I normally don't post anything (they work hard to give an excellent website, and for people just to pinch things from it I think is bad). That said this is just brilliant, if you don't normally play on-line games, give this one a go, I guarantee it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, also turn up the sound.

Did she say Ear Cateracts?

Ouch, and he walked away, wow.

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Wednesday 9th April List
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