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11th Apr 2008 · · Link ·

These photos always amuse me, Face meet bat.
I especially like the reactions of people around it.

If anyone is after a hobby how about this: A guys Star Destroyer model build project

They won't let you embed this (arse), but there are two things about this video, one you don't expect that at the end, and the other is the girl seems to be very very short, not initially, but when she gets to the back of the car either the car is massive or she's a short arse. Kanwye West - Flashing Lights on Youtube here.

Much along the lines of SaneorInsane (thank me later Jayce) this month's b3ta question of the week is phobia's, I do believe Opanoid is on page 7 just over half way down (username Opanoid).

When on my running machine I get to listen to Zane Lowe on Radio 1, and as a result I get to hear lots of new music, some good some bad. This for me kills two birds with one stone, getting fit and listening to new music.

Anyhoo, the new Portishead song, you will either love this, or really really really hate it.

Well i'm off out for a celebratory drinky tonight as I've finally hit my 2 stone weight loss that I was aiming for.
I'd like to lose another stone, but realisticly I think 1/2 stone would be more likely. It's hard going now, and I'm likely to put most of it back on over the weekend. I also didn't realise how expensive losing weight was, I have to by all new clothes.

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