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23rd May 2008 · · Link ·

I used to love Friday's now I have to stay late to run some files, ah well at least my wife is letting me out to play tonight :)

In the meantime (and while waiting for said files) I will be reading through the Secret Star Wars History.

Anyone Hungry, how about 7 strange and different restaurants The last one is interesting, I have difficulty when I can see my food (I still drop it down my tie).

And how about a sexiest rant, ok then Dick's Top Ten Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

Interesting movie poster this, Except I think the quote is a bit out of order

Finally, end it on a song:

Whilst here a quick follow up on ebook readers.
Turns out they are all, well, rubbish, no wi-fi rubbish batteries, horrible interfaces. In fact the general idea is to wait for the next set of them to come out, or to buy one of these sub 100 dollar PC's. Best out of all of them is the Sony one, but even that has many downfalls.

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