Third day of the week list

11th Jun 2008 · · Link ·

It's hard not to have noticed that the new iPhone is out (iPhone 2.0).
Some clever guys compressed Mr. Jobs keynote speech down.

So if your interested in knowing what all the fuss is about, here it is, in 60 seconds.

Probably a nasty advert to watch through first, but eventually a Transporter III trailer.
I liked the first, the second was a bit stupid, but with impressive stunts, this actually looks quite good from the trailer, lots of stupid stunts to get out of sticky situations. Link

Happened to watch Full Metal Jacket last night, excellent movie, did you know that Pyle was also Edgar in Men in Black

And this makes me wince, the Gloucestershire Shin Kicking Championship 2008

Having being kicked quite a few times in the shin playing football (soccer) this makes me wince.
Best bit is at at about 1:21 one guy gets kicked and you really hear the contact (and his leg fly back!). Ouch.

Serious now for a second, this is Annie, she needs a home, I quote "Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust's sponsor dog is now ready for a forever home".

Email me if your interested.

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