Popchar Rip Off

19th Jun 2008 · · Link ·

When I first started out on the mac (ok not that far back perhaps) I used a program called popchar.
It resided on the top left or right of the screen, and whichever application I currently ran (mainly Quark and Photoshop at the time) you could click on the icon and drag across an option of all the current characters available in the currently chosen font (the font being chosen from your current application) clicking on the character would insert it into the chosen application.

This was wonderful, and a real time saver.

I now have another mac so thought I would seak out this product to see if an OS X version existed.

Version 4 just out, excellent, couldn't have timed it better.

Slight Catch, not only does it now disable most of the characters unless you register, but the registration is yearly, 29.99 per year (Euros).

I was pretty disgusted, so sought out an alternative.
Turns out there is one, in any application in the mac go to:
Edit then Special Characters, does the same job, and for free :)

Not *exactly* what I want but the price is right though.

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Popchar Rip Off
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