Super Happy Fun Wednesday

2nd Jul 2008 · · Link ·

Having recently given this a go (as it intrigued me, and yes I looked like a dick head) it's interesting to see that they can go to far down.

This little game is not in English, but you'll get the idea, it shows you numbers, then takes them away and puts circles in the same place. You have to click the circles in the lowest-highest order of the numbers.
It got my age spot on!

I loved space invaders when I was young, on the old Atari 2600 I could play it until the game looped back around to the beginning. Now they have a Space Invaders 2, err, sorry I mean Space Invaders Extreme, might try and get hold of this to play.

Also found out something cool last night, if you have a spoon full of honey each day during the hay-fever season it can help you to become immune to the effects of hay-fever as honey has the spore within it.
It helps to stop your body creating the histamine that in turn clogs up your nose (and sometimes throat). Started trying it this morning, as well as stopping using toilet roll to blow my nose just use handkerchief's now and it helps quite a bit.

As publicity stunts go, I think this one is genius, Hellboy on Inside the Actors Studio.

Finally Glasto accidentally came across this photo which explains why I kept seeing 'Dave' T-shirts around.
And for those interested in seeing me look like a total idiot in a hat and a blue Kagool (but not together, i'm not a total misfit).

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