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4th Jul 2008 · · Link ·

Something been running around in my head for the past two days and seeing as the comments are now temporarily running (I need to test them out UPDATE 2: Comments removed because they be broken) I have a question.
The first (original) Superman, at one point Clark kicks a football in frustration on a football field, we see if fly off around the world due to him being Superman and having such a powerful kick.

Now, wouldn't the ball be ripped apart when he kicked it?
Would the ball not fly off into space rather than orbit the world?
Would the ball not burst into flames with the speed it's traveling?

Enough of thinking anyway, have you ever noticed how dirty girls are always easy to spot.

The Worth How to hide an elephant competition has some just totally amazing images.
Always gets top quality does the website.

4th July, This is just genius

Happy 4th July America, and thanks for saving us from those pesky aliens.

End (nearly) on a video as they say.

Coldplay Viva la Vida ( Official Music Video )
Uploaded by smallvillejojo974

And finally the British Grand Prix will be staged at the (much better track) Donnington from 2010, yay.

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