Image Wednesday

9th Jul 2008 · · Link ·

Seems to be image nuts this week!

This is just so wonderful, Turn the tables on celebrities .

The motivational posters are Everywhere but this one did make me laugh.

You realise your going to have a bad day when it starts off with a Rippa

years and years and years ago when I took my driving test my (perverted) driving instructor showed me this, and believe it or not I had never seen it until now.

Heard Tim Lovejoy on the radio the other day promoting a new channel that's online, actually it's not bad, but is it the future of media?

Anyone for Top advertisement boards. Nice to see some people put thought into the advertising process rather than the dross that keeps coming out (like for example the new lynx add with the guy who's eye's go wonky, makes me feel sick).

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