Geek List Wednesday

23rd Jul 2008 · · Link ·

Ok costumes, generally good for fancy dress, but some of these are fantastic (if not geeky). Geeky, but Cool

Keeping up the Star Wars theme, some of these images are of unbelievable quality.

Ever been stuck at a name for your wireless network, mmmm what shall I call it?

Just one image from this week's Via b3ta's image challenge. Genius.

And last for the geeks, what didn't get into Windows Vista, turns out A lot!

Enough of the geek, now for the squeemish, recently contributed online to some comments and a guy on their had Pectus Carinatum. So I looked it up, nasty.

Never let anyone else ever comment on your personal hygiene again

And finally a bit of a caption competition, mainly because I still need to test out the comments section. Optional to leave email address and web address (the web address part is to advertise yourself) the email address is not shown just your name. Please keep it clean as I will delete the very naughty ones.

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