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13th Aug 2008 · · Link ·

Such a week this week, but I really am enjoying the Olympics and watching re-runs of DS9 (I never really saw it first time round), so luckily I won't need to be renting anything, not that I have a mistress anyway.

been dealing with quite a few marketing types this week, and it's a bit like banging your head against the wall (not all but some). Came across this conversation which always reminds me of a few people I used to deal with, It really is like being in hell.

For no reason other than it looks quite scary, a propane shockwave

Huge Propane Tank Explosion and Shockwave - Watch more free videos

Just before the story I came across the details of 'Rule of Three' the other day, most people have probably heard of this but the theory is that for everything you do, good or bad, the same is inflicted back on you 3 fold.
More over at the wiki Wiccan Rule of Three, just thought it was interesting.

200 quid

Gather round children for this is a tale of money, of confusion, and how useless banks are (I know, you don't need a story to be aware of that).

Claire the other day went to a cashpoint, nothing extraordinary in that, and after said transactions returned back to her car with withdrawn money happily planning the gifts and surprises she would use the money to buy Schlotts his brand new Playstation 3 (Ok I can dream, the money was not for me).

Just seconds after returning to the car a man in a motorbike helmet appears tapping at the driver window for Claire's attention, Claire winds down the window and the guy is waving 200 quid saying she left it in the cash machine.
Claire checked her money and said no she had all hers it must be someone else.

After a few minutes of looking around (by this time another woman had joined them also concerned) they decided that as nobody was around, or running back to the machine with a worried "Oh my god, where is my money" look they would right a note and put it through the door of the bank. Claire wrote the note and showed it to the motorbike man and the other woman and posted it in the letter box.

For some reason Claire ended up having the money and everyone left happy that someone would be in touch.

Five days later the bank rings.

Pretty much they (or the guy on the phone) says they cannot trace the transaction as it would be too difficult as so many transactions go through in a day, I believe then that Claire and the bank guy discuss taking the money in to the Police Station.
However the nearest Police Station is not open to the public (This to me is just odd, but apparently true) so Claire rings the next nearest Police station to see what to do.
She can indeed take the money in to the station, but she is to make sure she tells them that if the money is NOT collected within 28 days it is to return to her (else nobody knows what would happen to the money, apparently).

As of this moment I'm not sure if Claire has yet had the time to drop the money into the bank, but my thoughts are this:

1. I think this money was withdrawn on a stolen card and the guy panicked and ran.
2. Most people would have given up with this
3. Three honest people in close proximity by the bank is quite astonishing
4. Banks are useless, this particular bank is Barclays

Claire, I'm sure you can add/update this story, please use the Comments :)

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