Well done the US on Ryder Cup victory

22nd Sep 2008 · · Link ·

They wanted it more, and Faldo's decisions really didn't pay off (nothing to mention that not many golfers actually like Faldo, especially Montgomerie hence not being in the team).

Enjoyed the event though, and Poulter of whome I really wasn't keen, really came across as a top top world class player.

Kim and Garcia on the last day really could do with some sportsmanship lessons as both frankly seemed to just piss off the other to such a degree that they both needed to be reminded they are on a world stage. Garcia should know better and Kim should have been taken aside and told better, but you live and learn I suppose.

All round it's good the US won, as if they didn't I feel the Ryder Cup would have become a non-event if the European side had won again.

Overall some top golf, very much enjoyed.

Update: The BBC tv coverage of this was, on the first day, terrible but got much better from the second day (this refers to the actual picture and sound, it was at times actually unwatchable). A different thing altogether was the interviews and the BBC News website. it was awful, avoiding difficult questions on the TV and not tackling the questions that people wanted answers too on the website such as sportsmanship (on both sides I hasten to add), in fact as of writing this I cannot find anyone with the balls to properly report the sportsmanship (or lack thereof) of some of the golfers (spectators in my opinion are not included as controlling the general public is just not possible).

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