Super Edgy Wednesday List

24th Sep 2008 · · Link ·

I've been accused of not being edgy enough on the list, so this week I'm going to start dialing it up a notch.

Starting with this image and of course, this is quite amusing

Evil Men anyone?

Women, ever wondered what men go through when drinking beer, I refer of course to the Beer Goggles effects.

We all have to deal with stupid ignorant fu&$s now and again, well, just remember that The customer is not always right.

Putting a funny slant on things at the expense of many peoples lives is always good viewin', the Onion have managed to do it excellently with Alcohol, "Wanna dance, fat boy?".

This guy seems to be pointing at something, can't think what.

Remember my post about Sky+ and how to improve it.
Well I was around a Sky workers house and they get to try out the new layouts and stuff, although currently incredibly slow they have now introduced the 'Get Info' on programs later on from the On screen display. I'm sure people will hate it (it really is very different) much in the same way people dis-like the new facebook.

Frankly I think the new facebook is better than the old one. Live with it, it's not going to change. If your upset about something changing, then your too old to be on Facebook.

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