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1st Oct 2008 · · Link ·

Tomorrow marks my eldest son's 4th birthday, and frankly I find it hard to believe that I have been a father for 4 years (2 1/2 of those a father of two children).

My questions is when do I come out of the 'learning' stage, by that I realise that as a father your always 'learning' but when he was first born I considered myself 'on probation' as a father, at any moment I was expecting someone of authority to swoop in tell me I'm an idiot and take my children off me for doing something wrong.

First day went ok, second day, first week, month, year and before you know it your in a routine (anyone who has seen me with the kids knows that my wife and I are big on routine, and it's payed off).

I'll not bore you anymore about this except this tail (sorry Fry you've heard it).
I was at my parents about two weeks ago and in comes Carter (my eldest) shouting "SPIDER, SPIDER'. As my mother has instilled fear into both my children over spiders.
Now's my chance, "Show me to him then",
"This way this way " leading me by the hand to the spider located near a skirting board in the lounge.
Fairly large spider I must say, not massive but enough to scare a generic spider hater, Now was my chance to correct the balance.
Me - "Now Carter, we don't harm spiders do we?"
Carter - "Why"
Me - "Because they are living things like us, you wouldn't like me or anyone else to hurt you would you".
Carter - "No".
Me - "So what is best to do is help this spider"
Carter - "How Daddy".

This is going well.

Me - "First we catch the spider by putting a glass over him, go into the kitchen and ask Nanny for a glass".
Off he trots on a mission.
Carter - "Here you go daddy".
Me - "Now we put the glass over the spider to stop him runnin a way like so......"


Corban my youngest over my right shoulder crushes the spider with a shoe.

Carter just looks at me with a puzzled face, Corban runs off laughing with a spider stuck to the bottom of a shoe to scare Nanny.

You Can't win.

Anyhoo, linky linky time: Puke | omg wtf | Truly awful sequels | Dammit

Congratualtions to Jason on getting Into last Fridays Newsletter. How's the broadband Jayce :)

Valentino Rossi needs the toilet

Does anyone know if this is a setup or actually happened?

Well i'm off to play golf for charity :)

And good luck this weekend Trev on (finally) getting married :)

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