Tawoo - Mac OS X Screensaver

3rd Oct 2008 · · Link ·

Tawoo is a screen saver for Mac OS X based on a Cardassian screen from Star Trek.

The Cardassian screens are generally pretty boring so I have added in a few items that change on this one, and also the bottom right numbers are hard drive size and space.

Download here

It has been tested on various Mac's I can get my hands on from OS 10.4.11 upwards (it might work on lower numbers, let me know if it does, can't test it myself).

The larger the screen size you have the better, also tested on a Mac Book and it rendered fine.

Any bug reports then please Email Me

UPDATED: A few aspects have been updated such as line thickness and a slight movement of text to make it conform more to symetry.

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Tawoo - Mac OS X Screensaver
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