1st Nov 2008 · · Link ·

Scandal they say (with re the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand nothingness).

What a joke, one they apologised, and two who cares.

Not much going on this month, so people (media) like to have a go.

Russell Brand is funny, Jonathan Ross is funny.

If I was Jonathan I would go elsewhere (I think he will), and Russell Brand I think has many other options, the void they would both leave on the BBC will NOT be filled.

Can't believe Parkinson has made a comment, after his life, he seems to be the father of most of the media circuit, perv.

It's just stupid, and by the day it gets more and more weird.

The BBC either like to sit on the fence or have the tied hands of a terrorist, articles are so badly sitting on the fence lately that the government might as well just say they run it.

Makes you sick especially as I HAVE to pay a license fee.

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