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14th Nov 2008 · · Link ·

Translation: Panty Wetting Friday list. Some odd shit going around!

I start this week with clearing up a few things, if you have missed out on certain movies and wish to know what happens, then this is for you. If you want to find out the Looooong way by actually, god forbid, watching the movies then DON'T watch this.

Did you last? I managed it, and only a few movies spoiled for me.
After that something a bit more serious, The Last 10 Pictures Taken is quite interesting (if not a bit short on some details), and talking of pictures a couple of juicy ones this week, it's time to move house when you spot this in the corner of the room, then decide to clean out your BBQ!

Quickies: Innocent mind | Naughty Children | WTF?

Song this week is a bit different, this is (apparently) the first take of the movie video for White & Nerdy by Wierd Al.

I have to say that the work rate in this is stunning, and it just mesmerizes me to watch it.
This is amazing, an early version, he just keeps going and going.

White & Nerdy (Take #1) from waymoby on Vimeo.

I'm slowly plucking up the courage to release parts of a book I'm writing onto the site in sections (I've not finished the book yet so it would be one way to make me finish it if I start releasing it on here).
Problem is one of the reasons for doing this blog was to vent ideas and get more used to writing, I don't think I'm quite on top of it yet, but I am improving. Might start adding things next week.

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Omorashi Friday List
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