Christmas Tree Bounce Screen Saver

8th Dec 2008 · · Link ·

A new Mac OS X screen saver I have created that simply takes an image of a basic Christmas Tree and uses gravity to bounce it on the screen (various times).

The screensaver is small (116 KB) and uses very little system resources (as seems to be my theme when I create screen savers, although I do have some very processor intensive ones that I'm still working on!).

Anyway, the screen saver can be download here.

Any problems please let me know by emailing me.

In theory you can edit the package of the Screen Saver and replace the tree.png file with your own file (keep the name the same though, and be aware of the dimensions to make sure it doesn't look odd). I've tried this and it does work.

This saver should work with 10.4 onwards, but I can only really guarantee 10.4.9 onwards (and even then I'm not sure, sorry about that).

Got a YouTube Video of what the saver looks like, however if you go to the youtube site and click on the 'watch in high quality' little link below the video on the right you get a high quality version.

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