Mac Screensaver Time Zones V1.2

2nd Jan 2009 · · Link ·

Time Zones shows clocks from around the world on random intervals.
The clocks shown are randomly selected from Analogue, Digital and Stylistic.

This is version 1.2 and seems to be stable. Anyone know any different please do let me know.

It should be compatible with version OS X 10.4 and upwards, however I have as yet not been able to test it on lower spec systems other that OS X 10.5.

The screen savers size is mainly due to the images of the digital clock as all other images are created on the fly, the digital clock just looked like a nightmare to create so I did those externally (I might re-create them if I get the chance).

All time zones are selected at random, as are the clock faces.

Download Time Zones if your interested (700KB)

This video is not in real time, either that or time is slipping away from me far quicker than I realise!

Click to go to the youtube site and then for the option of a higher resolution version (this embedded video doesn't really do it justice, especially with the clarity).

This screen saver was inspired due to the new year clock count down seen throughout the world.

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