What Happened To V2.1 Mac ScreenSaver

11th Jan 2009 · · Link ·

An Updated version of the screenaver What happened to, Version 2.1

Still in OpenGl but it should render much better on older macs as well as newer ones and render more objects on screen (rather than a gap).

Anyway, the download for it is here WhatHappenedTo.v2_1.zip.

Screen saver size is 140KB, compressed size is 32KB.
Still trying to keep them small :)

If your interested in purchaseing the source code for this Screen Saver for just £2.30, please click below and I will email the source to the purchasing email address. Please be aware I am based in the UK so I may not email the source code instantly as I may be in bed :) Any problems with this please email Schlotts and I can resolve any problems that have arisen.

Any problems, or breaking up of the rendered please email me Schlotts.


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