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30th Jan 2009 · · Link ·

I didn't know that Morph was created by Aardman (the team behind Wallace and Gromit), and I also didn't know that Morph is celebrating his 30th Birthday.

Got to be the oddest thing I have ever seen, Roy Orbison Cling Film. Scroll down and read some of the stories (after reading about the site of cause), makes my dreams seem quite normal.

Nice tats - I've gone off the idea of having a tattoo.

Quite NSFW this one (although images have been blurred out), but these are real eye openers, Sexual Anaomalies (large willies, giant testees and massive norks).

Nice article over at about a Tanning Drug that '...turn[s] pasty skin caramel for up to two months.''' As well as moving the subject closer to the screen and beefing them up even more it would seem :) I really can't wait to see the after effects stories of this drug, because you can't test it on everyone. Not blaming the drug, just amuses me that some people are so desperate to get a tan nowadays, no matter what you do, fake tan or artificial means ALWAYS look artificial in my view).

Ah now, Ron, I'm Not suggest you was pushed what I'm suggesting is that you fu*k3d off because your guilty as hell and as the controller of a company new full well what was going on you lying **** ***e.

You either love it or hate it, but 2001 A Space Odyssey is without a doubt an 'interesting' film. Most people don't last the distance, so for those that want to see it but can't be bothered here is the best bit with a bit of an explanation run up to it.
"Astronauts, ship, ships computer all going to investigate something in space. Ship is tawn between mission and only telling certain things to the astronauts (the ship is asked to lie). Ship can't cope and goes nuts".
If this doesn't creep you out then I don't know what will.

Well I'm off to look up Fatuous, get the Baby Shaved , fix my Computer and then start saving the 20 quid a year music and video tax* it is reported we might have to pay here in the UK.

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