Tetris Shapes Mac OS X Screen Saver

1st Feb 2009 · · Link ·

NOTE: This version has been updated by Version 1.6.

This one is as simple as they get, but I just love Tetris so I thoght I'd share it.

It has the Tetris shapes in OpenGL moving within a 'Tetris Galaxy'. Very relaxing, at least I think so.

This screen saver should be compatible with Mac OS X 10.4+, any problems please let me know.

File Download size 20KB (screensaver uncompressed 88KB).

The saver uses little resources and is small in size.

Screensaver video, for some reason youtube has decided that a higher resolution version of this one was not necessary, not sure why! my mistake, just took a while to update, if you view this video at the youtube site you can select the high quality version, sorry Youtube.

UPDATE: This screen saver has been given a Staff Pick on the apple.com site, yay!

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