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3rd Feb 2009 · · Link ·

I like to tinker around with things like programming and graphics and websites (websites turning into a full blown business now), but the programming is where I enjoy things the most, if I don't have 10+ personal projects on at the same time I start to panic that I'm not making enough of the time I have and I may as well give up on taking over the world all together.

Anyhoo, it's always nice when something you do gets acknowledged, and my latest screen saver (Tetris Shapes) has been given a Staff Pick on the apple.com site.

"What does this mean?" I hear you not caring to ask, well in real terms it means that some bloke sitting at a desk who sees all the submissions come through the apple website clicks to approe it and if whilst watching the aforementioned submitted software it manages to raise his eyebrow slightly he might add it to the 'Staff Picks' section.
So it probably means nothing (defeatest me, never) however it does tell me that I'm moving in the right direction with what I am creating.

I'm pleased with it anyway, with 75,000+ downloads of the Let It Snow screen saver it's still pleasing to know that it wasn't a fluke.

Onto the things:

Tricyle Jump - Impressive, stupid but impressive.

With the failing world around us it's always good to remember people who Pi55ed away a fortune.

This picture touched a nerve with me, but not for Star Wars but Futurama, everything I do seems to have a link or connotation to Futurama, anyway, what do you see?

Quickies (because I need to get rid of these off the Chalkboard): Scary | Legal Medical | Electrocution | One Hundred Pushups.

Lee I'm looking and pointing at you on this one, Names for servers article (always like Cloe myself, or Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-pikang-zoop-boing-goodem-zoo-owli-zhiv*).

I wanted to embed this, but it's a bit too new at the moment, however it's a brilliant brilliant song, so have a linky : Up All Night.

So the embedded one, again another cracking song, The Ting Tings, We Walk

Spotted this week:
Gordan Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen is entirely Scripted by various Script Writers

* This reminded me that the kids wanted to know the name of one of the kids Toy Dogs, so I named it Ecky Ecky Ecky Ptang.
You really havn't lived until you hear a 2 year old try to say Ecky Ecky Ecky Ptang.

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