Double Flip Friday List

6th Feb 2009 · · Link ·

Everyone around me has colds and the inevitable happened and I now have one (and it's a real doozy), so this may not make sense at all this week (or any week, ha de ha).

Read that in Italy they have been Fixing the Traffic Lights to get more violations, that doesn't surprise me did I once read that Italy is the most corrupt country in the world? (Sorry Italy if that is not true).

Looks like the Goose stepping fettish pervert is hinting he may stand for re-election. This may seem like madness, but it depends who gets in after him really, knowing my luck it will be Ron Dennis :)

This totally passed me by, and was held in Wolverhampton (at the time I was around the corner too), Tough Guy Contest. Really are some fantastic shots, and I'm thinking about it for next year.

Men prepare to grimace, woman, prepare to be confused.
Ouch, and I was my hair like that sometimes (not any more though).

Testing of an engine. I'm not flying ever again, this video for me has a sense of eeriness about it.

And this one freaks me out a bit too Cooking Dogs it makes me shudder involuntarily.

Good News Everybody :)

Now I came across this by accident and was very skeptical, after using it i am slightly horrified Pipl. It will find just about anything (including those things you registered with and forgot about!)

Anyone who thinks that you can get too big needs to look at these. And then re-evalutate your stance on large breasts. (Worst name ever btw).

This guy flips his truck, just got to feel or the shock the guys body after that. Be aware stupid commentators building up the sport alert!

Well I'm off to develop a 'Find It' game for the iphone and get me some new T-Shirts done have a good weekend everyone.

Nearly forgot, some music, and as I'm nearly asleep today with a cold (luckily I write most of this the night before) I need something that a. is fantastic, b. is likely to wake me up and c. is fantastic.

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