Tuesday Donkey List

10th Feb 2009 · · Link ·

So, because we all felt a bit under the weather last Friday we all decided that the family would partake in some Fish and Chips from the fish shop to save us the bother of cooking, this is often done on a Friday, not every Friday but generally when we are both tired and want an easy life.

Being at work I decided to pick the Fish and Chips up on the way home (as I pass the shop) so I left a little earlier to miss traffic and to get home to starving children and grandparents.

In the chip shop I go and order my variations (which proved difficult with a nasty cold and blocked nose, in the end I just gave the guy the list!). Five minutes later I'm exchanging money for Fish and Chips (the chips in this particular establishment have the option of Battered Chips, yummy yum yum).

Pleased with my new food and slobbering at the mouth like Homer Simpson (I had a tub of Gravy with mine) I turn and exit the establishment, where I walked into the side of a rather large Donkey. My life is weird.

On occasion if I'm up for a bit of gossip I'll head over to www.aintitcoolnews.com. Just the other day someone mentioned to me that Harry Knowles may years ago was injured and this led to him setting up the website. I decided to investigate.

Two things spring to mind, wow what a big fella and wow it doesn't get much more geeky than being run over by a cart of merchandise at a Convention! More details at his Wikipedia entry.

With all the snow it just sickens me that I have not done something like this yet (NSFW Wordage in the snow).

The big internet news is that Amazon had launched the Kindle 2. I have been awaiting a nice eReader for a while and pretty much the Kindle or the Sony Reader are the ones to go for, problem is the Kindle 2 still falls way short of what I want. For the starter the Interface should be touch screen, the current interface looks to be a bit in the 90's. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have wi-fi (for home networking) or Bluetooth. A much much much better review than mine (with Pictures, they are great aren't they allow you to SEE the things online, this internet stuff is just crazy) is at gizmodo.

On the plus side the screen looks great, thinness is great. I'm not sure though, seems expensive $359.00 for what you get. I'm still after one though. That or an iPhone (did I really just say that, yes I did).

Anyone seen the Giant Horse idea for the South, this is a very very bad idea as I can already hear practical jokes trying to figure out the best way to make a giant horses wang to attach to the underside! Although something would be nice (maybe a giant statue of me, that would be even nicer, don't mind a giant wang being attached to that one :)

And this is just soooo wrong I had to look, Worlds most offensive T-Shirts - Oh and on that note coming soon opanoid t-shirts :)

The obligatory ending on a song: Shontelle ,T-Shirt

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