Screeching Halt Tuesday

3rd Mar 2009 · · Link ·

Nothing like starting the day with a screeching halt to a woman in front he decides to let half the world turn in front of her. Yes yes technically it was my fault for not paying attention and I didn't actually hit her (which is good has she had a bit of a panic) but if she hadn't existed in the first place it wouldn't have happened.

Good start to the day. Anyhoo:

Image stealing has become common amongst websites, and nowadays the media and news stations have started to do it. They need to check the sources better though

Best stunt ever. here. (so cheesey)
Best t-shirt ever here.

Myself and wifey have started to possibly think about getting around to maybe starting to sit down and have a chat about nearly starting to decorate the house.

Which is always bad as my taste is fantastic but totally unappreciated :)

But I do get to look at cool stuff, like Sliding Doors, Jicksaw radiators and very cool Reclining Lounge Furniture.

Wow, that's a bit uncomfortable.

Funny clip, but mainly done beause someone has ripped it from hulu :)

Not sure if my 99.99999887787655567 record of showing songs that go on to be number 1's here in the UK will continue with this one:

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