Schizotypal Tuesday List

17th Mar 2009 · · Link ·

Right into it this week, tuesdays are always so busy for me for some reason.

1. Go to, Type in 'find chuck norris' and click I'm Feeling Lucky
2. Is it me or is everything a cock - Technically this is safe for work.
3. This is nicely done I thought, Twitter World
4. Schizotypal Personality
5. Lego Advertisements, pure creativity (so tempted to do some of these, but obviously rude :)
6. How to keep an idiot busy Genius.
7. Not sure of the point but maybe I don't understand the last bit? Lights.
8. via this is just painful to watch.

For Floyd:

Let's not forget St Patrick's Day, have one for me (as I can't drink, dammit).

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Schizotypal Tuesday List
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