Car Park Friday

20th Mar 2009 · · Link ·

Roaming around a car park trying to find a spot I notice a car pulling out hafl way down my row.

That's the spot for me thinks I.
Swinging around into the spot I confront another car, parked opposite coming forward.
Rather than reverse out of his space he's decided to go forwarded through the now empty space and make his car park exit, problem is I'm pulling in.

He goes NUTS, swearing shouting hitting his horn at me for blocking his escape.

He's a fairly old gentlemen with a elderly woman passenger and so I do what I believe most people would do in my situation.

I stick my two fingers up and proceed forwarded into the front of his car.
He reversed off and left fairly quickly. Fu*ker.

Onwards to the list:

  1. You've just got to love comments.

  2. Image Manipulation by Design.

  3. Council's have been getting in trouble of late about the slang they use for certain situations, as a result a ban on certain phrases has been brought in here are a few of these phrases. It's no wonder you can't get anywhere with councils.
    Top Down - Ignoring People
    Seedbed - Idea
    Cross Cut - Working Together
    Working Out - Scoping
    Coterminous, Stakeholder Engagement - Talking to People
    Worklessness - Unemployed
    Horizon Scanning - Looking for potential problems early

  4. Very little gets given out for free in marketing circles, especially numbers and figures, and whilst you may need to (gasp) read something to get the info, This Game Developer gives out some of his figures. As I understand it this page has become very popular!

  5. A guy has built his own Solar Panels (the site is very busy atm due to the slashdot effect). I looked into solar panels for powering things in the house that are always on (Server, Fridge etc) and came to the conclusion that is was possible to do it, but the prices people asked for pre-made systems were astronomical. This guys solution is 3 times cheaper.
    And building them myself was too time consuming (and I really can't be having another project).

  6. Now this is a good idea, Undo Send in gmail.
    Or is it! As more and more features are added to software and get out of the shit options the likely hood that someone would want to actually talk to someone and risk actually saying something wrong gets ever closer.

  7. Worst Facebook pic ever - I didn't get this at first, the comment at the bottom is genius NSFW.

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