Seymour Butz Tuesday

31st Mar 2009 · · Link ·

Ah Tuesday, the day after Monday, day before Wednesday, 2 days before Thursday and 3 days before Friday.
Saturday is but 4 days away whilst Sunday a mere 5. Monday to follow is nearly a week but falls short at 6 days away but then a week today is Tuesday again.

I think I need a sit down. But first Listy Wisty Wicky wicky woo whaaaaaaar.

ONE - Proud to be in Cardiff - Genius

TWO - REALLY WRONG - Father grooms daughter for prostitution, and boy is he creepy.

THREE - What goes up must come down.

FOUR - Not done any upcoming movies for a while, so hear are a few that have caught my eye: The Hangover - My kind of stupid movie :)
Mutant Chronicles - Grusome and Violent everything you could need :)
Sleep Dealer - Looks interesting definitely (and confusing).

FIVE - T-Shirts, You gotta love them and I'm in a position to be able to get some custom ones created and I have a few ideas, but I need more ideas.
I'm thinking UK specific (or geeky) they can be local specific or current affairs. Any ideas anyone? If so please email me Schlotts.

SIX - With April Fools tomorrow thought I'd give a few names to be used:
Dixie Normous, Anita Lay, Mike Hunt, Eynita Horre, Emma Rhoids, Anna Prentice, Harry Pitts, Jed Dye, Jo King, Joe Kerr, Leigh King and of course who could forget Dick Face.

Then of course the Simpsons ones:
I.P. Freely, Al Koholic, Oliver clothes off, Seymour Butz, Homer Sexual, Mike Rotch, Bea O'Problem, Amanda Hugginkiss, Ivana Tinkle, Haywood U. Cuddleme, Eura Snotball, Ollie Tabooger, Ahmed Adoudi, Ima Wiener, Maya Normousbutt, Drew P. Wiener and the all time classic "I am a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and i like to kiss my own butt".

Ending on a song.
This really won't be available for long (take downs are getting fast on youtube), so grab it quickly while you can, new song from Lily Allen - Not Fair

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Seymour Butz Tuesday
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