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14th Apr 2009 · · Link ·

Mainly because I've been away, but also because I hadn't prepared one!

Did however go and see Monster Vs Aliens 3D in the cinema.
My 4 year old understood that things were 'closer' as he put it but other than that no real reaction.
I found it took me 15 minutes for my eyes to get accustomed to the 3d effect as it's not perfect, shadows and 'ghosts' of the film due appear in different places on screen as does blurriness. But I am very critical. After I had got used to it I sat down and enjoyed the extra depth it gives, and combined with the (unbelievably) high quality of the Movie it does add something to it.

Problem is you can see chairs and sides of the cinema, which do detract from the 3D experience a bit, but again you do get used to blocking that out.
I can't see this taking off at home though, especially with the price hike it will no doubt bring with it (the cinema tickets were about 2.50 extra on top of normal price).

Movie was quite good though irrespective of the 3D or not.

1. 17 Habits of Thin People - These at least will give you some ideas. Or depress you, either way it's a good quick read.

2. Tempted to give this a try, but not let my kids see it Stick Bomb.

3. Finally the best/worst bird poop on cars list. You have no idea how long I have been searching for this.

4. This guy should win surely, made me laugh anyway!

5. But for sheer balls, this woman I hope goes all the way. :)

First watch the video for Number 5 then continue reading this.
Apparently the show has come under a lot of attention for this for many different reasons. The thing is the show is about finding the best talent in Britain to go through to being on the Royal Variety Performance. Now I don't care who wins, the program is an entertainment show, so watching it should be entertaining and you don't get much more entertaining than Saturday's show.

The show has done it's job of entertainment if it has done one of 3 things.
1. Got people talking about it.
2. Provided something that nobody else currently does on tv.
3. Make you laugh, cry, shout or scream at the TV.

I think it covers all 3 of those categories.

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