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1st May 2009 · · Link ·

This week starts with a very very important tip: Never let your 3 year old walk around your office unattended.
He just might pick something up off your desk and shove it in the shredder.
We have no idea what it was.

As the football (soccer for the US) season is coming to a close I must point out the off-side rule. It still shocks me how many people in pubs just get this wrong.
A player is in an offside position if he is in his opponents' half of the field and is nearer to his opponents' goal line than the ball, and fewer than two of his opponents (including the goalkeeper). A player level with the second to last opponent is not in an offside position.

Ok, while I'm at it.
Snooker: The Highest possible break without the benefit of a foul in Snooker is 147. The highest break possible is 155. This can only occur while all 15 reds are still on the table. If an opponent fouls but leaves the player snookered on all 15 reds then he may elect any other ball as a red; this is called a "free ball". By potting that free ball followed by a colour, then all of the reds followed by blacks, then all six colours, the player achieves a break of more than 147. If the free ball is followed by a black, and the player goes on to clear the table following all the reds by blacks, the total score for the break is 155

Ten Pin Bowling - Scoring
The best way of thinking about it is that a spare makes the next shot (the first of the next frame) count twice, a strike makes the next two shots count twice (i.e. makes the next frame count twice unless you were to hit two strikes in a row). In order for this to apply to the last frame of the game, if you hit a strike on the first shot of the tenth frame you are awarded two more shots (like a second frame except that if you hit a second strike then the pins re-rack and you still have another shot) if you throw a spare on the last frame then the pins re-rack and you are given one more shot.

Cricket - LBW
If the ball hits the batsman (without first hitting his bat or a hand holding the bat) when it was otherwise going to hit the wicket, then it is judged out LBW, unless:

* (1) the ball pitched (bounced) on the leg side or
* (2) the ball hit the batsman outside the off stump and the umpire adjudged that the batsman was genuinely attempting to play the ball.

Chess - Fastest way to get checkmate
Look here as it's easier than me trying to explain it.

Ok that's cleared up a few things, now onto the links:

Sneakiest sneaks award goes to These Guys.

Great names awards goes to This Guy and This Guy.

You may have seen this in the news but this is a prequel to the Lord of the Rings movies (which personally I thought were shite). What's different about this, it was made by fans for no profit . (I confess I have not looked at the trailers for this).

And this just leaves me feeling uncomfortable (but amused):
Batman Garage Sale with Adam West from Adam West

Well I'm off to develop a bookmarks webpage, so have a good Bank Holiday Weekend everyone.

Go on then, an added video, this is exactly how I feel.
Edit: This has one of what I consider to the best delivery of a line: "Oooooooohhhh we used to dream of living in a corridor." Listen out for it :)

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