UK Let Me Out Day Friday List

15th May 2009 · · Link ·

Today is the UK's Let Me Out Day*, as in cars and out of junctions.
I must admit this morning I found it took me twice as long to get into work as every bugger in from of me was letting someone out. I did my part though and let a lorry out :)

Very video orientated this week:

This is nicely done I thought:

Worth a look if your a Tarantino Fan. The Tarantino Film Mix

I do this (much to the annoyance of my wife, kids and anyone around me) but even I am no match for Beat Box Girl.
See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Now this fascinated me, but it is geeky, it's all about Pac Man how the game works, how the ghosts move around, how to play it, tiles - well just everything and I read the lot the other night when I should have been in bed.

These images are very good, then you realise they are Vector/Vexel Art. That makes them very very very good and 1 month each to create one.

Bit sick but what the hell, Helen Keller.

I have 3 books on the go at the moment 'Game Over' (thanks Lee & Hannah, it's very good reading) iWoz (not even started that) and a book of Bill Hick's letters/scripts and show appearances (of which I've read the first chapter and laughed my ass off).

I even went as far as googling a book I noticed Leonard reading on 'The Big Bang Theory' the other night (geeeeeek). Anyhoo always on the look out for good books i came across this 10 Most Disturbing Books of all time.
No. 8 I think I'll seek out the movie, and Number 8 and 5 I've already seen as a movie.
Not going to read No.7 (as I have kids and it'll scare me), No. 4 description makes me shudder and No. 3 is just a no no (anyone else find reading about sex a bit odd?). No. 2 I might read and No. 1 is well, just sick. Probably read that too.

Finally a few things for the fella's. How to Scratch your balls during a Monday Meeting and USPDF 2009 Championship.

* Actually I made this up.

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