Paradoxical Undressing List

19th May 2009 · · Link ·

Ok then this fascinated me, but Paradoxical Undressing is caused by Hypothermia and is quite odd indeed.

Anyone who watched the season finale of Lost may want to get to grips with Paradoxes. I think you'll need it.

In fact paradoxes are fascinating, so let's have a few more.
Birthday Paradox, Paradox of Entailment, Raven Paradox.

I did have lots of these, but frankly I just couldn't continue after this one.
Drinker's Paradox
".....there is someone in the pub such that, if he is drinking, then everyone in the pub is drinking....". - Noodles the brain.

More normal stuff now, and to start with a few PhotoBombers, I just love these.

We all know that Klingons are tough, and we know they don't suffer from sniffles or man flu (they do get chicken pox though I believe). So why in the hell does This exist. Someone has far too much time!

A few more Typo's as the last typo's I posted seemed to be popular.

WolframAlpha has amazing potential, as yet it's not all that great but it will get their.

Play Dead:

If I sat down and found this I'd go and get a sledge hammer.

And to finish:
Friendly Fires - Jump in the pool

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Paradoxical Undressing List
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