Tree Hitting Tuesday List

2nd Jun 2009 · · Link ·

Well hayfever season appears to have landed right on my face, which proves two problems, the first is I tend to be sneezing uncontrollably, the second is I find I can't breath whilst running.
Just another 2 weeks to go though and it will go (Tree Pollen thankfully).

The problem is I'm now in training again for a run, which reminds me I really do need some people to sponsor me, as little as you like I really don't mind, Just want a bit of sponsorship, 5 quid would be nice. I'm thinking of some way of recording the entire run (in a 4 second snapshot kind of way) so if anyone has any ideas or the ideal camera to do this please let me know.

Ok Let's get into it then.

1. Proof - I really shouldn't laugh, but this is just so amusing.

2. I hate linking to as I believe them to be the grand daddy of lists and all things internet kewl. This however I thought was genius - Part of an image challenge.

3. Been doing the rounds a bit From Casetteboy.

4. People of Influence painting - At the time I looked the Camel had a bit of a harsh link I thought :)

5. Amazing 3D Art Pieces and 35 Stunning Abstract Artwork
Got to comment on this last link, I am a huge fan of abstract art and although some people hate abstract it's actually very hard to do abstract art well (I can't say correct because it's subjective). With the exception of Number 6 (that's not abstract, it's a space station) these are all excellent and may I point out No. 5 and 13 are particular goods examples in my view.

6. Not embed for this one, watch at your own risk, it's real, and horific. Double Electrocution from Power Line - Warning this guy does appear to be killed, this is not for the squeamish, you have been warned. The anticipation of this may well make you feel a bit feint.

7. video search is frankly fantastic!


9. I like Lost, and I like the Simpsons, Meet the two. - The Hurley one is fantastic.

10. It's rude to stare people. Bet you do though Update: just noticed a bit of rude language, didn't notice it first time as I was err, shocked.

11. Although already posted on bookface by Jamie I thought I'd put it here. Video for Forza 3. Finally a racing game where the car can flip over (are we paying attention Gran Turismo!).

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