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25th Jun 2009 · · Link ·

A company over the road from us closed down the other day. They were a kitchen fitting company and decided to up and leave. Leaving the building full of rubish and the lease company to come and pick up the machines.
Apparently they were in spain within 24 hours, sneaky buggers.

What did make me laugh is the note they left on the door. 'Gone to Funeral'.

Feeling a bit rough this morning after playing football last night, not aching, got used to that a while ago, just bad hay fever this morning, a crushed foot and blood comes out of my nose every time I blow it.
Got smacked in the face with the ball :)

SO on with the list (in no particular order):

3. Butt Belly - Very nicely done, although some are NSFW.

2. I had a venus fly trap when I was younger but I killed it because I fed it too many flies, I've always had a fascination with strange plants, unfortunately Claire is on the plant killer list so we don't have many.

5. Nice parody:

8. Augmented Video Game. Certainly a lot of potential for this, but I think on a larger scale (like hidden messages on walls), but it might be a nice way to get kids to move around and interact.
Also this type of thing would really be good for the RPG crowd.

6. Nice Username

7. Sorry but, Nice Tits

1. Bit odd but apparently Big Mac and Fries are better than some salads - Must be correct it's on the non-biaised, non-sitting on the fence, non-we don't want to upset anyone BBC (yes that was a rant).

4. Sooner or later, your wife will drive.... - Genius.

End it on a song, very strange video, catchy song though:

Well I'm off to give evils to Murray in the Tennis.

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