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16th Jul 2009 · · Link ·

One of the busiest weeks I've had this week, but it's not been without it's entertainment.

I was shopping the other day (I actually can't remember what day, which is scary) and whilst walking down the isle deciding on which magazine I can take to read whilst in line to pay (yes I know I shouldn't but I don't care) a lady brushed past me and grabbed a magazine (I think it was OK Magazine, but that's not important).

She promptly turned around and put it in her husbands basket.

"I don't want that?" - Came the reply
"It's not for you it's for me" - Said the lady
"But I don't want it" - Again came the reply.
"Look, just shut up, it's for me not you, you always have a go at my magazine purchases well I'll buy it separately if that's the case, why don't you just shut up and do something helpful". - Says the very annoyed woman. She continues her rant even further.

When she finally finishes with the ti-raid of abuse she finally looks up to see an annoyed man looking back at her.
Further down the isle however is her husband standing next to me crying with tears of laughter.

She just walked off.

The other interesting thing this week was a job I had to urgently get guillotined whilst out on the road. Being in a bit of a fix I called in a favour and within 5 minutes I had directions to a finishing house to cut out my A5 leaflets.

I meet the guy and engage in small talk whilst he is cutting out my leaflets. I start to fuss the company dog (everyone seems to have company dogs nowadays) and take a nose around me.

Not much to see, generally paper everywhere and cuttings. And then I spot it.

In the corner a man working on some paper work sipping at his cup of tea, and every now and then topping up his cup with some Whiskey.

At 10:00am in the morning.

I was in the place for less than 10 minutes and he had topped up his cup 4 times.

Needless to say I was impressed!

Ok then on with the stuff:

I've not read this yet (being the trend setter and not the follower I may never read it :), but this is the wired article New Rules for highly Evolved Humans. Looks like it's ok to txt whilst taking a piss now, although that has backfired on me a few times when I've texted something whilst taking a crap and the person has rung me back right away to clarify the text.
Odd conversations of "Are you in a small room, you have quite the echo", Err yes, yes I am.

After seeing this site I've managed to see a couple of the Directors Cuts that are mentioned. PayBack is a totally different movie!

How wrong can you get, but with something so right. Chocolate

I just loved this, an older person could have had a heart attack Expensive Habit, more details are also here. Is it geeky that I understand how the charges happened :)

This is via fazed.net and is fantastic. It's 9 minutes in length, watch ALL of it, don't worry no real spiders are in this, but it is a, well, just watch it.


Jokes Jokes Jokey Joke Jokes

When I was a kid I used to hide porn mags under my bed.
My brother in the bottom bunk went blind before he was 16.

Man walks into a doctors. "Doctor, doctor, I've got no ventricles," he
said half-heartedly.

Ive just broken up with my schizophrenic girlfriend.
Its not you, its you.

Well I'm off to check the post for my Toro Rosso Invitation.

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