Quidam Thursday List

6th Aug 2009 · · Link ·

1. Nocebo - Not sure how I found this word but frankly this is the best ever name for a Placebo Tribute Act.

2. In the beginning on facebook.

3. Star Wars Dancin'

4. Star Wars Effects

5. Toilet Paper

6. Lion's Mane

7. Poison Ivy - Would anyone else be standing ready with a pin or would that me just me?

8. Feeling down, feeling depressed, well this site is pretty likely to give you a bit of a warm feeling inside, 1000 Awesome Things.

9. My Wena - Sort of NSFW, but very funny.

10. After ITV announced that FriendsReunited was up for sale it turns out that Dennis The Mennis (or more accurately DC Thomson, publisher of the Beano) has bought it. Seemed like a dead horse from day one for ITV, however I can see it working if rebranded for the Beano age group only.

11. The Jokes

Regularly Masturbating and Ejaculating is not acceptable, in some people's eyes.

I had the happiest day of my life yesterday, when i strode into the church and walked down the aisle where my wife was awaiting me. I just couldnt wait to plant a kiss on her cheek..
And close the fucking lid!

I do hope they find a cure for my muscular dystrophy.
Fingers crossed.

You know it's been a good sh1t when your wife has to knock on the door to see if you're alright.

My wife has eczema all over her chest.

She's got a cracking pair of......

12. I always like to flick through new movies coming out just so I can look at what I'll miss in the cinmea (not next week though, planning on going at least twice with the kids going away).

These have all caught my attention:
The Hurt Locker
District 9
A Serious Man
Sherlock Holmes

Anyway, i'm off for another long meeting (which is all I seem to be doing this week) and to battle a company who doesn't want to give up a domain name for a new client.

quidam - (kwee'-dahm, kwid'-dahm ?) n. someone; an anonymous or unknown person

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