Noel Quits Oasis

29th Aug 2009 · · Link ·

Well time will tell what happens with this but seems like Noel has quite.

Some might say (sic) that Noel was the brains in the group, but without Liam's specific style Oasis would not be what it was.

On the plus side, maybe Oasis will carry on without Noel (and the possibility that he will still contribute songs) and also have his own side lines in either his own band or collaborations.

I grew up through the Oasis rise to fame, and I loved it, the bickering, the fantastic songs, it all contributed to a big push of the style of music I grew to love.

Good things never last, and the reported spats between the brothers seemed to be under control.

A few variations of Phoenix can rise from these ashes.

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Noel Quits Oasis
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